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Vicky M. Lodge is a professional interior designer who specializes in lighting. After completing her Architectural Design degree at Michael J. Owens Technical College, she went on to receive a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) in Interior Design from the Design Institute of San Diego (DISD).

Vicky began branching off into lighting design by first producing lighting plans for architects and builders.  This eventually evolved into specifying lighting fixtures to design a personality for her client’s interior and exterior of their homes and offices.  Now for the last 20 years, she has specialized in what she loves and knows the best… lighting.

Due to her vast knowledge and experience in lighting, she is often hired to work for other interior designers and architects to enhance their design projects with her beautiful lighting designs.  During her 35 year career, Vicky has worked with many talented San Diego designers such as Victoria Dunivin, Cathy Gill, and Harold Pell, to name a few.

In her spare time, Vicky taught Architectural Drafting II classes at her Alma Mater DISD and instructed a college level lighting class for San Diego State University that was hosted by La Jolla Lighting. She has given several lighting seminars, developed a CEU accredited course on the subject, and has been published many times in the premier publication of the San Diego Home and Garden Magazine and Woman to Woman magazine.  

VML Design & Lighting has been in San Diego since 1980 and has recently decided to expand the business to include horticultural lighting.